Odinga tells foreign envoys to keep out of Kenyan politics following joint op-ed

Raila Odinga at Peace Corps
Odinga speaking at a visit to Peace Corps in 2008.

National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga has rebuked 11 foreign envoys for calling on him to recognise Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as the duly elected president and deputy president in an op-ed published on in local media on Sunday.


Responding to the diplomats, led by US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec and UK High Commissioner Nic Hailey, Mr Odinga told them to keep out of Kenyan politics and claimed they are only interested in furthering their countries’ agenda, not democracy.

“The colonial era is long gone and we will not allow any form of neo-colonialism. They (diplomats) are only interested in their business interests. They don’t care about democracy. Kenyans have not dictated to the US, UK or Germany who their president or prime minister should be. So let them not tell us who we should recognise as the president,” he said.

“Kenya is an independent country and Kenyan problems will be resolved by the Kenyan people. They can only be but observers,” he added.