British charity seeking support for rain harvesting project at Konjora school

Mnarani Aid
Mnarani Aid trustees Ian Graham and Christine with the headteacher and Special Needs Unit leader Tabby Wamahu at Mnarani Primary School in Kilifi County. Photo: Twitter/MnaraniAid

British charity Mnarani Aid are launching a new project to harvest rain water at a school in Konjora. While they already have an intermittent piped water supply it is some distance from the Special Needs unit and it’s garden. The lack of a nearby supply of water for the plants makes growing vegetables very difficult.

They plan to install a 10,000 litre tank close to the new classroom and fix the gutters under the roof to collect the rain water for the garden. Then, by timing the growing period they should be able to maximise the crop yield.

A pad of concrete will be put down near to the classroom for the tank to sit on, before the gutters and down pipes are attached. While the tank, costing around £300 is not too expensive and the gutters are also relatively cheap, the pad, blocks and cement mean that the project will require around £1,300 to complete.

Formed in 2008 as a charitable trust to improve the facilities for the pupils of Mnarani Primary School, Mnarani Aid is dedicated to helping the children in the Special Needs units at government primary schools in Kilifi County.

Among the supporters of the Trust are The Rotary Club of Aylsham and the PoppyLand Rotary Group in the UK, along with the Rotary Club of Kilifi in Kenya.

If you would like to help support this project, please visit the donations page on the Mnarani Aid website.