Vera: Darkwater

Vera Darkwater
Vera investigates her final case of the series in 'Darkwater'. Photo: ITV

In the last episode of the current series, the dead body of a teenage boy is found in a reservoir near a remote rural timber community.

When Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) and her team investigate, they discover that the boy had already been missing for three days prior to his death.

The great big wound on the back of his head indicates he was murdered. Curiously, his clothes have been removed and very tidily left on the water’s edge, which is odd for a boy whose bedroom is a mess.

However, the case is complicated by an apparent conspiracy of silence, as many of the townsfolk refuse to cooperate with the police investigation.

A complex web of relationships between the victim’s friends and family slowly emerges, with many dark secrets that could have driven someone to kill.

Vera: Darkwater is scheduled for broadcast today (31 Janauary) at 21.00 on itvCHOICE (DStv channel 123), with repeat showings on Thursday 1 February at 00.50 and 13.15, Sunday 4 February at 00.00 and 13.35, and Monday 5 February at 01:30.