Mystery around Harry Veevers’ death deepens after British toxicologist refutes pesticide theory

Harry Veevers
Harry Veevers died near Mombasa on February 14, 2013

In a Mombasa court on Wednesday (24 January), a British toxicologist contradicted reports that British tycoon Harry Veevers was killed using a pesticide, deepening the mystery around his death.

Giving evidence via a video link, Alexander Richard told the court that there was no trace of the cyhalothrin pesticide on samples obtained from Veevers’ body after the autopsy.

Addressing Mombasa principal magistrate Charles Ndegwa, the expert said he believed there were four possibilities on why the pesticide was not detected.

Explaining, he said the alleged pesticide could have been used to deliberately contaminate the samples after the Briton’s death, probably in an attempt to distort the final report as it was unlikely they could have been accidentally added in the laboratory.

The forensic scientist said that since the body had been tampered with, since it was buried for a year before being exhumed, the traces were not likely to be detected since they were low.

As he continued to give evidence, Richard told the court that there has never been a death recorded as a result of cyhalothrin pesticide since due to the level of toxins which are too low affect humans.

He also revealed that the Kenyan government chemist failed to issue him with the report or details of their autopsy findings of the autopsy and that the Kenyan analyst also made mistake by categorising cyhalothrin as carbamate pesticide when in fact it was a pyrethorg pesticide. According to the expert, it is not possible to to confuse these types of pesticides as they had different chemical structures much as they serve almost the same purpose.

The analyst told the court that his focus was on cyhalothrin pesticide as he was instructed by one of the daughters of the deceased, Hellen Veevers.

Hellen had taken samples of soft tissues and soil to Manlove Forensic labs before they were forwarded to Richard for analysis.

After his exhumation on court order, the body of Harry Veevers has been lying at a Mombasa mortuary.

Despite the fact that his sons Richard and Philip maintain their father was a Christian, his burial in 2013 was under Islamic customs. The sons have also accused their step mother Azra Parvin and her daughters for killing their father.

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