Irish Ambassador launches ‘Elephants Wear Ivory’ in Kenya

Vincent O'Neil launches Elephants Wear Ivory
Dr Vincent O'Neil launching 'Elephants Wear Ivory'. Photo: Twitter/IrlEmbKenya

Irish Ambassador to Kenya, Doctor Vincent O’Neil, has launched the ‘Elephants Wear Ivory’ book at an event he described as “amazing”.

The hard cover book features 50 images taken by Kenyan pair Feisal Malik and Tanvir Ali, along with augmented videos from their photo shoot in Amboseli National Park.

This Augmented Reality (AR) video technology allows the reader to scan the images with their smart phone or tablet and play the video on their devices.

‘Elephants Wear Ivory’ is arguably one of the first wildlife books globally to have used this technology, and definitely the first in Kenya.

“The behind the scenes clips of the photo safaris adds flavor to the book. As a reader, you are now able to visualize what the photographer goes through when on assignment,” Tanvir  explained.

Vincent O'Neil launches Elephants Wear Ivory
‘Elephants Wear Ivory’ is launched in Kenya. Photo: Twitter/IrlEmbKenya

The book has been lauded by wildlife enthusiasts.

Elephant research scientist and activist against poaching, Jim Nyamu, said: “This book celebrates elephants through beautiful pictures, and showcases elephant safaris. It also highlights the harsh reality of elephant poaching through the documentary; an ideal way to get the conservation message across.”

The Kenyan author of ‘A Kenyan Journey’, Pheroze Nowrojee, added: “It is very refreshing to see youngsters of Asian African Heritage stepping up and driving such initiatives. This book is an infusion of culture, heritage, tradition and technology, all brewing in one pot. Surely it goes to show that we are thinking outside the box”