UKIP MEP calls for Kenyan born leader to resign

Bill Etheridge
UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge. Photo: Twitter

UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, Bill Etheridge, has called for the Kenya born leader of the party to resign after the Mail on Sunday published racist texts sent by his girlfriend, Jo Marney.

The 54-year-old party leader, whose relationship with Ms Marney had led to demands for him to quit before the texts were published, was told by Etheridge to “Go now. Go quietly and leave us to deal with what’s left.”

In a Facebook video message Mr Etheridge said: ‘It appears that we are now seeing UKIP resources, which are at best scant, being used to defend Henry’s private life.’

He added that he would step down as a UKIP spokesman if Mr Bolton, who was elected leader last September, “insists on prolonging this agony”.

Fellow former Ukip leadership candidate Ben Walker also called for Mr Bolton to resign, accusing him of having ‘deeply flawed judgement’.

Bill Etheridge statement in full

“I am not at all the kind of person who is to make a moral judgment on other people’s lives.

“What I do have a problem with is when it appears that the membership aild party supporters are not being given a true record, are not being spoken to sincerely and genuinely.

“For some time now, it appears that He, Bolton and the story that lie is giving, not just about his personal issues, but about his dealings with other members of the party, about some of the things he said during the leadership election. It would appear there are inconsistencies.

“Whilst I didn’t vote for Henry in the leadership election and didn’t support him, I vvas prepared to support him and hope that he got it right.

“To go from fighting one election – and losing – to leap from that to lead a national political party and to advise us all on how to fight elections and how to win them, was extraordinary.

“It appears to me that the lack of experience in politics from Henry has got the better of him. We are seeing UKIP resources used to defend Henry’s private life.

“Henry does not have the experience, the political nous or advice to deal with die issues he faces.

“The time has come for Henry Bolton to resign as leader of UKIP. He must go, he must go quickly, he must go as quietly as possible.

“I hope he manages to salvage his personal life from all this mess, but the rest of us need to step forward to salvage a future for our party and for our country.

“I will be standing down as a spokesman for the party if he insists on prolonging this agony. I say with no rancour, no ill feeling, but with a heavy heart at what’s gone on; Henry. Go now, go quietly and leave us to deal with what’s left.

“This party can be great, this country needs us. You gave a valiant effort (but) it’s just not for you. Go!”

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