British Chamber of Commerce Kenya hosting Brexit forum this Friday

British Chamber of Commerce Kenya Brexit forum

The British Chamber of Commerce Kenya is hosting an interactive discussion on the British-Kenyan trading future after the UK leaves the European Union at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi on 19 January.

After a welcome from chairman Graham Shaw, KEPSA chairman Nick Nesbitt will discuss how KEPSA inputs in trade negotiations with Government and what KEPSA is doing in the context of Brexit.

An unnamed UK Government guest will then talk about how Kenya fits into the current Brexit process and the British Government’s position on the Kenya trade deal.

The Kenyan government will be represented by CS Adan Mohamed who will explore Kenya’s national trade policy and how the Government intends to work with business in forging a new trade and investment partnership with the UK.

After a question and answer session, Dr. Patrick Low, Asia Global Fellows Program Director at the Asia Global Institute, will ask “Is Brexit an opportunity to renegotiate and incorporate emerging priorities of business and government?”.

Two moderated discussions covering “What current big exporters think a great deal would look like Minimising friction between UK, EU, Kenyan and regional markets” and “New areas of Kenya UK Trade and Investment: Sectors to watch” will be followed by a closing vote of thanks from Farida Abbas, Chief Executive Officer at BCCK before lunch.

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