Britons say American Football is most boring sport (after golf) in blow to NFL’s UK expansion plans

American Football
Britons find American Football 'boring' according to a new poll.

A new YouGov poll has found that Britons find American Football to be one of the most “boring” sports, in a blow to the the National Football League which has spent a decade trying to import U.S. football into the United Kingdom.

The YouGov poll of 1,616 British adults found that 59 percent of respondents ranked American football as “very” or “quite boring,” while a mere 18 percent said they found the game exciting.

Only golf was ranked below than American football with 70 percent saying that the sport was boring.

Tennis, rugby, and football (soccer) ranked among the top five most exciting sports to British sports fans.

The desire to widen the reach of the NFL follows declining ratings in the US, but if this the opinions of British sport fans are reflected across the continent, it may find itself facing an uphill battle.

However, speaking to Bloomberg, the NFL said it isn’t worried by the poll, saying:

“NFL U.K. pointed to a British TV audience of more than 24 million during 2016-17 and said 600,000 people attended a central London fan festival in 2017.

“Some 40,000 people over the age of 14 now play the sport regularly, according to Sport England figures.”