Nic Hailey reflects on the UK/Kenya partnership in 2017 during New Year message

The UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey, has released his New Year message in which he reflects on the UK and Kenya partnership over 2017 and looks forward to the coming year.

In his message, the High Commissioner pays tribute to the Kenyan troops serving over the New Year period and looked back at President Kenyatta’s visit to the UK.

Mr Hailey also adds that the UK/Kenya partnership “is looking very much to the future as well as building on everything we have in common from the past.”

You can read his full message in full below:

“2017 has in some ways been a challenging year for Kenya.

“But is has also been a year in which we’ve moved the UK/Kenya partnership forward in a way that benefits both countries.

The President was in London in May at the Somalia Conference where he met Prime Minister Theresa May. They agreed on how we can, between us, support the international efforts in Somalia to bring peace and security to the region.

“I want to pay tribute to every one of the Kenyan troops who is there over this New Year’s period, keeping their country and the region safe. We are committed to working with them.

“We’ve made great progress in our trade and investment relationship over the course of this year, bringing thousands of new jobs in Kenya, thanks to British investment and British companies working here.

Our researchers are working together on almost 100 projects bringing the best Kenyan scientists and the best British scientists together on everything from Malaria to Dementia, and they are doing this at some of the best research institutions in the world here in Nairobi.

“So it is a partnership that is looking very much to the future as well as building on everything we have in common from the past.

“In 2018, I want to build on all of those things and on many more. We have an awful lot to do together, and also it is my hope that as we enter the new year, Kenyan leaders from all walks of life will come together in a genuine, open and transparent dialogue about how some of the wounds and divisions that have e=merged over the last year can be healed and how the country can work even more strongly to realise the enormous potential that Kenya has.

“Meanwhile, I wish everyone great reflections on what they’ve achieved in 2017 and a very happy New Year 2018.”

Deputy High Commissioner Susie Kitchens has also Tweeted a New Year message, saying: “It’s going to be a busy year; looking forward to it – and hoping for lots of visitors!”