Pete Vowles joins KTN discussion on gender based violence

Pete Vowles on KTN
Pete Vowles is joined by Florence Machio and Kelin's Tabitha Saoyo for the KTN News debate. Photo: Twitter/KELINKenya

Yesterday evening, Department for International Development (DFID) Kenya head, Pete Vowles, joined a live debate on gender based violence broadcast on KTN News.

He was joined on the Bottomline Africa programme by Kelin Deputy Executive Director Tabitha Saoyo, writer and trainer Florence Machio and Executive Director of FEMNET Dinah Musindarwezo.

Bottomline Africa with Pete Vowles

During the debate, chaired by KTN News anchor Lindah Oguttu, Mr Vowles said that gender based violence is not just a Kenyan but a worldwide issue. “There is not only a moral argument for tackling it, but also a strong economic argument,” he added.

Discussing the work undertaken by the development programmes delivered by the DFID in Kenya, he said “we are putting women & girls at the heart of what we do.”

It is absolutely critical men are involved [in tackling violence against women and girls]. For too long this has been seen as a women’s issue – it is a global issue which affects every one of us.

The DFID Head also said that it was important to keep building institutions that protect women.

Tabitha Saoyo advocated the need for police training, saying that law enforcement officers “have re-traumatized gender based violence victims by asking very condescending questions.”

Tweeting after the broadcast, Mr Vowles said he had enjoyed his first live televised debate.