Boxer Carl Frampton visiting Kenya in support of Trócaire Christmas campaign

Carl Frampton and Gerry Kelly
Carl Frampton (right) with Sinn Féin politician Gerry Kelly. Photo: Sinn Féin (Used under the Creative Commons licence)

Former Belfast Two-Weight World Boxing champion Carl Frampton will visit Kenya next week to meet with children who are fighting for survival.

30-year-old Carl and his wife Christine have been invited by Irish charity Trócaire to help raise awareness for its annual Christmas Appeal and are scheduled to arrive in Kenya on Monday.

Trócaire’s 2017 campaign is called “Until Love Conquers Fear” and is aiming to raise in excess of €1m to help support thousands of people in some of the world’s most poorest regions§.

Speaking to Belfast Live, the boxer said:

“We will visit a health clinic in Turkana in northern Kenya where mothers and babies go and get fed and weighed.

“We will also visit a centre that helps street children, and then that night we will see the ‘night children’.

“These are kids from the outskirts, whose parents can’t afford to feed them so they send them off to the city to beg. That all stems from poverty, but then these kids are coming into the city where they come under even more danger – anything could happen to them.

“On the final day we return to Nairobi to visit the slums and get an idea of what these people have to go through every day.

“You see these images on your television screens, but to see them up close and personal will be a difficult experience. I think it will definitely affect Christine and me,” Frampton added, “but it’s for Trócaire’s Christmas Appeal, so hopefully we can raise as much publicity around the campaign and raise as much money as possible.

“It is only a week after my fight but I don’t mind.

“People say: ‘would you not rather be sitting by a pool or on a beach after a hard training camp and fight?’ But with two kids we were never going to be doing that anyway.

“Having two kids of our own, I think it will be tough to watch these youngsters on the streets. Our daughter Carla is seven, and some of these kids on the streets, begging for food, area similar age. It will be hard to see, but it will also put things into perspective.

“You can’t prepare for these things.”

Currently, 26,000,000 people are affected by the food crisis in East Africa and if you would like to support the Trócaire Christmas appeal, you can do so here.