Boris Johnson criticised for ‘rushing’ to congratulate Kenyan President on re-election

Boris Johnson and Amina Mohamed
Boris Johnson and Amina Mohamed. Photo: Twitter/AMB_A_Mohammed

UK Foreign Secretary has found himself Boris Johnson is the middle of another foreign affairs row after claims he rushed to congratulate Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on his re-election, according to the Independent newspaper.

Kenya’s Supreme Court first ordered a repeat vote following the first poll, but has now dismissed further legal challenges to Mr Kenyatta’s win.

Following the decision of the Supreme Court, the Kenyan government Tweeted that Boris Johnson had congratulated the President on his victory.

The Foreign Office confirmed that Mr Johnson had spoken to Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed, and defended his blessing for the election outcome.

“The Foreign Secretary spoke to the Kenyan Foreign minister to discuss the situation in Zimbabwe.

“During the conversation, she updated him that Supreme Court proceedings in Kenya had now concluded and the Foreign Secretary rightly congratulated her.”

– Foreign Office spokesman

According to the Kenyan government’s official Twitter feed, the only other nations to congratulate Mr Kenyatta immediately after the court ruling were South Sudan, Bangladesh and Uganda, although Mr Kenyatta’s spokesman has since said that more than 40 countries had sent their congratulations.

Mr Johnson was previously criticised by LibDem MP Tom Brake after congratulating Mr Kenyatta on his first victory which was later annulled by the Supreme Court.


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