African Children’s Fund stationary donations arrive in Kenya

African Children's Fund Stationary
Richard hands over the donated stationary to Peter in Nairobi. Photo: Facebook/African Children's Fund

UK based Kenyan charity African Children’s Fund (ACF) have used their Facebook page to thank all those supporters who kindly donated to their Kenyan stationery appeal.

Peter, from the charity’s Kenyan partner Watoto Kwanza, met ACF’s Richard in Nairobi at the weekend to collect the suitcases containing the generous contributions from the UK.

As the schools are currently closed for end of year holidays (Kenyan schools have their long holidays now, rather than during the UK summer months), the stationery will be distributed when they reopen in January.


The charity have also been selected as one of Waitrose Faringdon’s ‘Community Matters’ charities for the month of November, which means they will receive a share of £1,000 depending on how many green tokens we receive.

If you live in or near Faringdon and shop at Waitrose, remember to pick up your green token and put it into the AFC box when you leave the store.