Kenya’s women farmers celebrated in new film from UK charity

A new short film documenting the lives of Kenya’s women farmers has been released by the UK farming charity Send a Cow.

Filmed over one week in the Busia county of western Kenya, ‘Alice & Agnes’ is a 10 minute documentary that follows twenty-year-old Alice, her daughter Starlet and her mother-in-law Agnes. The three women live on a remote farm, working together to grow their own food whilst defying local perceptions of women.

Trained by the charity Send a Cow, the women are implementing sustainable organic farming methods which are helping them to improve soil quality and boosting yields. Unlike the UK where women make up just 28% of the agricultural workforce, approximately half of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are women.

Nominated for the Charity Film Awards, ‘Alice & Agnes’ was directed by two Send a Cow staff members, and supports the charity’s largest ever fundraising campaign, the Mother & Child appeal. The charity hopes to raise £1.2 million to help mothers across East Africa and the UK Government are doubling all donations before 31 December.

Alice & Agnes
Alice & Agnes feature in the Send a Cow film.

Filmmaker Ric Rawlins said: ‘’We wanted to counter the negative stereotypes of Africa often perpetuated by charities. ‘Alice & Agnes’ is a film which provides a real insight into rural life on the continent and which acknowledges the hard work and contribution of women farmers.

“It’s also the charity’s first ever film of its kind: we embraced the documentary format because this is an atmospheric story with real depth. I hope people take the time out to watch it and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.’’

Founded by UK dairy farmers in 1988, Send a Cow works in some of the poorest parts of east Africa. Working with smallholder families for up to five years, it provides farm training alongside providing tools, seeds and livestock so that families can produce their own food and lift themselves out of poverty permanently.