DFID Kenya head attacked by machete gang on Tiwi beach

Pete Vowles Ease of Doing Business
Pete Vowles speaking at the launch of the Ease of Doing Business report. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

The UK’s Department for International Development Head in Kenya, Pete Vowles, was one of a party of eight attacked by a gang armed with pangas (machetes) on Tiwi Beach over the weekend.

Tweeting about the incident on Sunday, Mr Vowles said: “Attacked by men with pangas on Tiwi beach. We’re fine but angry at senseless thuggery and impact on the reputation of this peaceful community.”

Tiwi Beach lies to the South of Mombasa, a couple of kilometres to the east of the main road.

His message received 105 replies, the majority condemning the gang for the attack.

Among the responses, National Assembly member Esther M Passaris took it upon herself to apologise for the attack, Tweeting: “My sincere apologies on behalf of our Country. We have an obligation to ensure safety of all visitors, staff and citizens in our facilities.”

Peter Murandai laid the blame on the current economic situation in the region describing it as “literally at a standstill down there.”

“Very few visitors to support it, hence dangerous. Pole sana,” he added.

Nicola Green revealed that this was the second such attack she had heard of this month, saying that in the other incident, a female victim had her “trainers stolen from her feet when out for a run.”

Mr Vowles later thanked fellow Twitter users for the comment, adding: “After 6 years going to Tiwi, it’s still one of my favourite places in #magicalkenya – love the people & area.”