Odinga UK coup conspiracy theory “utter nonsense” Tweets High Commission

Raila Odinga at Chatham House
Raila Odinga prepares for his Chatham House speech. Photo: Twitter/leemakwiny

The UK High Commission have dubbed a WhatsApp message claiming that former Kenyan Prime Minister and opposition leader Raila Odinga’s recent London trip was part of an attempted British government coup as “utter nonsense”.

In a Tweet sent yesterday (Saturday 14 October), the official UK High Commission in Kenya account said: “ – WhatsApp message suggesting part of UK Government coup conspiracy utter nonsense. UK supports Kenya’s democracy”.

The source of the WhatsApp message is unclear at this time.

Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta has criticised the National Super Alliance leader’s visit to the United Kingdom, and accused him of plotting to bring about a shared government.

While campaigning in Kenol, Murang’a County, President Kenyatta said that the country does not need foreign mediators as the country is not in crisis.

“We are not interested in mediation or being put together. Kofi Annan is not present in Kenya. He (Raila) should fly back to the country to mobilise voters,” he said.

The President said that Mr Odinga was portraying the country’s democracy as rotten in an effort to attract attention from the international community that will then offer to mediate the election standoff. Mr Kenyatta also insisted that Kenya will only be governed by Kenyans, and called on the Nasa leader to return and campaign if he truly wants to be President.

During his recent visit, Mr Odinga met with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, UK Africa Minister Rory Stewart and former UN Deputy Secretary General, Lord Mark Malloch Brown.

However, there were some protests against his visits from a number of Kenyans based in the UK.

A group gathered outside Chatham House while the former Prime Minister was delivering his address holding banners labelling Odinga as an ‘enemy of peace’ and calling on him not to ‘run away from democracy’.