Percy Davies pupils supported by physiotherapists visit

physiotherapists from Maragua Level 4 Hospital with pupils from the Percy Davies Special School. Photos: Facebook/Vision Africa

Percy Davies Special School, which is supported by British charity Vision Africa, have benefited from a wonderful visit by physiotherapists from Maragua Level 4 Hospital.

Students were massaged and took part in various exercises.

“Our gratitude goes to Vision Africa for their initiative and continued support. We are hopeful that our learners will really benefit from the programme. Thanks a lot Maragua Level 4 hospital for willingly accepting to offer the service to us. God bless you all.”

– Percy Davies Special School teacher, Sarah Wachera

The Maragua Level 4 District Hospital was launched in 1978 as a health center and training facility which was later turned into Level 4 District Hospital in 1997. The hospital currently has 70 Nurses, 8 medical officers, 8 consultants and 11 clinical officers with a bed capacity of 120.

Along with Percy Davies School in Kambiti, Vision Africa has also provided funding to facilitate the opening of Kirunguru School in Kandara District. Both schools offer specialist education.

The charity has continued to provide support as a major donor to both schools, allowing them to provide residential care at both schools, nurturing physical, social, emotional and behavioural development.