Susie Kitchens joins Mombasa Club 120 year celebrations

Susie Kitchens at the Mombasa Club
Susie Kitchens at the Mombasa Club. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

Last night (Friday 6 October), the UK Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya, Susie Kitchens was a guest an event to mark 120 years of the Mombasa Club, celebrating the history of the British relationship with the coastal region and looking ahead to the future.

The origins of the Mombasa Club go back to the first laying of the Uganda Railway track which was constructed to link the Indian Ocean and the source of the Nile at the Lake Victoria, as part of efforts to control the Suez Canal in the North of Africa.

Established in 1896 by Rex Boustead and three other friends, the Mombasa Club drew its membership predominantly from the British civil servants and railways employees who were working for the British East Africa Protectorate. Members joined the Club for social gatherings outside of work hours.

By 1897 membership had grown to 60 but was limited to Men only. Today, numbers stand at 2,500 with no gender or racial restrictions on who can join.

Earlier in day, Susie attended a UK Science and Innovation Network round table event in Mombasa to discuss science, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Susie Kitchens in Mombasa
Susie Kitchens at the roundtable event discussing science, innovation and entrepreneurship in Mombasa. Photo: Twitter/ukinkenya

The fascinating presentation topics from researchers and innovators at the SwahiliBox organised event ranged from community mangrove conservation to submersible drones.