Isle of Man government donates £85k for Kenyan sand dam project

The Isle of Man government has fulfilled its pledge to donate more than £85,600 to a charity sand dam project in Kenya.

Excellent Development Isle of Man, a charity which supports rural dryland communities to escape water scarcity and poverty with sand dams, has been given the money to build four in the Ukambani region, which suffers from drought, providing water security for 5,087 people.

The project will cost a total of £143,000 and is expected to be run for the next two years.

Sand dams are the most cost-effective form of rainwater harvesting and provide communities with a clean, local and reliable source of water – even during periods of drought.

They store up to 40 million litres of water and provide a year-round supply for up to 1,200 people, with virtually zero operation and maintenance costs. Sand dams store water under sand, protecting it from contamination, evaporation and parasites – cleaner water that lasts longer.

Sand dams save people up to 12 hours a day because they provide water to families an average of only 30 minutes from home.  Communities are then able to invest this time in protecting their land from erosion and investing in climate-smart agriculture.