BATUK enjoy the traditional delights of Kenya at their Kikwetu Day

BATUK Kikwetu Day
Masai Spear Throwing at the BATUK Kikwetu Day. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

On Wednesday (13 September), the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) enjoyed a day of Kenyan culture at their Kikwetu day.

Among the highlights of the day were singing and dancing performances by the pupils of Nanyuki Boys High School and Mount Kenya Baptist School.

But one of the unforgettable moments was the Quarter Master attempting to throw a Maasai spear while other BATUK members tried balancing bags on their heads while walking which isn’t as easy or as effortless as it looks. When it came to Major Farrington’s turn to try the Maasai spear throwing, he surprised everyone by managing to hit the target.

The day also included traditional food and jewellery and was clearly enjoyed by all who attended.

BATUK Kikwetu Day
BATUK Kikwetu Day. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Posting to their Facebook page, BATUK said they ” love being part of Kenya and long may it continue.”


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