BATUK raise UXO awareness in Archers Post

BATUK have been raising awareness of un-exploded ordinance in Archers Post. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

The British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) are assisted by 101 Engineer Regiment EOD, also known as the Black Cats, who have a Squadron based in Kenya to help make sure the training areas are clear of all un-exploded ordinance (UXO).

101 Engineer Regiment have a strong operational pedigree. They provided Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal teams to neutralize the threat of German bombs during World War II, whilst more recently the Regiment has routinely supported operations in Afghanistan, dealing with the pernicious improvised explosive device (IED).

Different types of UXO on display. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Staff Sergeant Wilcock and Sergeant Hill both part of 21 Forward Squadron (EOD) have both been giving up their free time to visit schools in the Archers Post region, to educate the children in what UXO is and what to do if they find they find it.

Local children are shown what UXO looks like. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

BATUK’s work is supported by a new information leaflet they have produced to hand out to the communities that live around frequently used British and Kenyan training areas.

This is aiming to raise awareness of UXO and to help communities prosper.


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