BATUK facing cuts as MoD tries to close funding gap

BATUK and KDF training
Kenyan defence force and The British Army training together on BATUK exercise with The Royal Scots Borderers and The 4th Battalion The Rifles in Kenya. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

British newspaper, The Times, has reported that the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) is facing cutbacks to save money from the defence budget.

Along with two Royal Navy ships, the number of light infantry battlegroups sent to BATUK over the next year will be cut from five to three.

Additionally, the number of armoured battle groups, comprising about 1,000 soldiers each, deploying to British Army Training Unit Suffield in Canada for training over the same period, is being reduced from four to three.

The cuts come as the Ministry of Defence (MoD) attempts to close the funding gap which emerged when a defence review in 2015 included the purchase of jets and ships part-funded by unspecified “efficiency savings”.

Worryingly, these cost savings come at a time of global crises including a tense nuclear stand-off between North Korea and the United States while Russia prepares to conduct a military exercise along Nato’s eastern flank next week.

The MoD told the newspaper: “In the face of intensifying threats we are looking at how we best spend a rising defence budget to support our national security.”