TMEA funded diesel electric cranes arrive at Port of Mombasa

Diesel cranes at Mombasa Port
The new portal harbor cranes are unloaded at the Port of Mombasa. Photo: Twitter/Kenya_Ports

Two mobile harbour cranes, funded TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), with investment from UKaid through the UK’s Department for International Development, have arrived at the Post of Mombasa.

The diesel-electric cranes are expected to improve fuel efficiency, refine noise and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Costing $8,682,680, the pair of cranes are expected to increase capacity and efficiency in cargo clearance.

As well increasing ship productivity through increased grab capacity from the current 5-10 tonnes to 25 tonnes, the cranes will also facilitate a reduction in ship turnaround time as well as lowering harbour payable costs and reduce the cost of clinker, the stony residue from burnt coal or from a furnace.

Diesel cranes at Mombasa Port
The new cranes can handle 2 vessels at once. Photo: Twitter/Kenya_Ports

The cranes aren’t the only foreign funded arrivals at the port in the last week. On Friday, Mombasa port launched three China-aided container scanners to enhance efficiency in cargo clearance.

Speaking during the launch ceremony, John Njiraini, Commissioner General of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), said the newly-installed non-intrusive cargo scanners include two fixed units and a mobile one, which will enhance KRA’s capacity to scan all cargo of interest from a risk management perspective.

“Presently we scan about 500 containers every day and expect to increase this to about 750 containers or approximately 30 percent of all cargo with the newly-installed equipment.”

– John Njiraini, Commissioner General of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

The Kenya official also expected the scanners to better facilitate business flow, clamp down on smuggling and generate more revenue as a result.