Cycling For Rangers complete their 7,000 trek after arriving in Nairobi

Cycling for Rangers in Nairobi
The Cycling for Rangers team at the end of their epic trek across Africa. Photo: Facebook/Cycling For Rangers

The Cycling For Rangers team, Will Addison, Will Johnston, Theo Bromfield and Charlie Rose, have finally arrived in Nairobi after a gruelling 5 month trek through Africa on behalf of conservation charity For Rangers.

Announcing their arrival on Facebook the British cyclists said: “After two mock charging elephants, 3 gear cables snapped, 5 months on the road, 9 countries cycled through, 10 national parks filmed in, more than 50 rangers interviewed, 87 punctures repaired, over 100 nights slept under canvas, a couple of hundred chocolate bars consumed (by Theo alone), thousands of litres of water drank, 7134km cycled and over £30,000 raised For Rangers we’ve finally made it to Nairobi!!!”

Their mammoth cycle finally came to and when they crossed the finish line at the Kenya Wildlife Services Headquarters in Nairobi at around 3pm yesterday (28 August).

Cycling for Rangers in the Rift Valley
The Cycling For Rangers team arrive at the Great Rift Valley. Photo: Facebook/Cycling For Rangers

Throughout their journey, they have been supported by people they met en route as well as back home.

Acknowledging this on their Facebook page, they said: “None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the unbelievable generosity we have received on a daily basis from people back home as well as people on the road!”

To date, they have raised a mammoth £27k on behalf of For Rangers, and the wildlife personnel they met on their journey have clearly made a lasting impression.

Having spent almost 2 months of the entire expedition talking to rangers and filming with them there are very few people who make more of a sacrifice in preserving the worlds natural heritage.

– Cycling For Rangers Facebook page

and if you would like to support this worthy cause which the team have worked so hard to raise awareness of, you can do so via their Virgin Money Giving page.


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