BATUK personnel conquer Lenana Summit of Mount Kenya

BATUK personnel at the Lenana Summit of Mount Kenya. Photo: Twitter/recoverygod

Members of the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) WKSP have conquered the Lenana Summit of Mount Kenya.

Lenana, often referred to as Point Lenana, is a side peak of Mount Kenya.

At an altitude of 4985m, it is the third highest summit (after Batian – 5199m and Nelion – 5188) in the massif.

The majority of climbers who trek up Mount Kenya usually mean they have reached the summit of Lenana, as the peak is an easy ascent by the two normal routes on scree, rocks and at times snow. A few sections involves some very easy climbing.

Lenana is probably the most climbed peak in Kenya and from the summit you have excellent views of the impressive rock towers of Batian and Nelion, as well as glacial lakes and the rolling landscape of Mt Kenya National Park.

The approach itself is well worth the effort of going there, starting from the agricultural lowlands, through dense semi-tropical rain forests, arriving at rugged grass lands, high altitude meadows before finally in rocky surroundings with glaciers and snow.