BATUK lend helping hand to Habitat for Humanity Kenya

BATUK help Habitat for Humanity
BATUK's military diggers assisting Habitat for Humanity Kenya. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial/

The British Army Training Unit (Kenya) have been helping charity Habitat For Humanity Kenya to make sustainable bricks using their military diggers. These bricks are used in the construction of houses for those most in need.

This volunteer exercise was part of BATUK’S community engagement programme in which they support the local population.

BATUK help Habitat for Humanity
BATUK’s military diggers helping to make sustainable bricks for Habitat for Humanity Kenya. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial/

Habitat for Humanity Kenya

Habitat for Humanity Kenya is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Housing Organization whose mandate is to enable the low income families in Kenya access decent and affordable shelter.

Since 1982, HFH Kenya has helped over 6,000 low income families organized in over 200 community groups to construct simple, decent and affordable housing through provision of small and easy to pay off micro mortgages loans.

BATUK auction

For anyone wanting to get their hands on some authentic BATUK equipment, they are holding a general auction where vehicles, computers and spare parts are among the items available.

The sale is taking place at 10am on Thursday 27 July at the Alpha Centre Godown No. 66 & 81, just off the Mombasa Road.