Kenya foils deadly terror attack

Al Shabaab Terrorists
The suspected al Shabaab Terrorists arrested trying to enter Kenya.

On Friday (9 June), Kenyan security officers working in collaboration with their counterparts in Somalia foiled a planned deadly attack in Kenya by Islamic terrorist group al Shabaab.

In the sting operation, six terrorists were arrested at Bulla Hawa, near Mandera Town, while attempting to sneak into Kenya with an assortment of explosives and firearms. Items recovered from the suspects included complete anti personnel explosive devices, four suicide vests along with bomb making material including trinitrotoluene (TNT) and fragmentation-generating objects including nails, ball bearings and screw nuts.

Al Shabaab Terrorists
The suicide vests confiscated from the suspected al Shabaab terrorists.

Among those arrested were two Kenyans from Mandera, Abdullah Daud Adan and Ismail Isaac Mohamed. The other four arrested were Somalians Mohamed Ali Weythow, Hassan Adan Bulle, Hassan Mohamed Jama and Ahmed Muhammed Muse.

Al Shabaab Terrorists
The identity cards belonging to the two alleged Kenyan al Shabaab Terrorists.

The six had left Burhache in Somalia with the arsenal allegedly intending to launch an attack in Kenya. They are currently being interrogated as the authorities try to identify their entire network both in Somalia and Kenya.