British TV series sheds new light on Happy Valley murder

Idina Sackville and Josslyn Hay
Idina Sackville and Josslyn Hay on their wedding day

A new television series, which begins broadcasting in the UK tomorrow night, will shed new light on the infamous Happy Valley murder of Josslyn Hay in 1941.

Royal Mystery Stories collects together six real-life stories of royalty caught up in cases of murder most foul.

Josslyn Hay
Josslyn Hay, 22nd Earl of Erroll

Among the stories featured is that of the murder of the 22nd Earl of Erroll, a member of the ‘Happy Valley’ set of hedonistic expats in Kenya. While not technically royalty, the earl’s family had played a leading role in coronations since the 14th century which justifies the inclusion of the story.

The murder story has previously been seen on screen as movie ‘White Mischief’ which starred Charles Dance and Greta Scacchi.

While the murder has never been solved, it is thought that the murderer was Sir Henry ‘Jock’ Delves Broughton, whose wife was sleeping with Josslyn.

Excitingly, for the first time viewers will hear a series of taped interviews with a member of the Happy Valley set who reveals how Jock was able to commit the murder.

Viewers in the UK can watch Royal Murder Mysteries – The Earl of Erroll: Death in the Valley on Monday 12 June at 8pm on Yesterday. If you are in Kenya and have access to a VPN, you can watch it online or via the UKTV Play app on either iOS or Android.