Jaguar Land Rover launches solar power initiative in Kenya

Jaguar Land Rover ClimateCare
Jaguar Land Rover have worked in partnership with ClimateCare to engineer solar technology solutions to improve the lives and experiences of others. Photo:

British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover have announced the launch of a partnership programme with ClimateCare to bring solar power to over a million people across Kenya.

The initiative, Lighting Up Lives, aims to provide safe solar light sources for Kenyans. As well as providing cheap and renewable solar power, the units will replace the more conventional kerosene light sources which emit harmful pollutants, a leading cause of premature death in the country.

Each solar unit aims to deliver up to 4 hours extra light per day, generating up to 4.8 million hours of extra light to play, work and learn.

We know that light can transform lives; it creates the extra time in the evening for children and their families to learn once darkness falls.

It is hoped that by providing safe, lasting light during nighttime hours for people across Kenya, educational opportunities will be extended, which in turn should benefit the economy.

The company’s move to green-energy isn’t restricted to Kenya as they also recently come announced a plan to move to 100% renewable electricity for its facilities in the U.K. in addition to already having the country’s largest rooftop solar array at its West Midlands Engine Manufacturing Centre.