Julia Roberts joins Bear Grylls for Comic Relief USA challenge in Kenya

Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls in Kenya
Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls deliver vaccines to children in a remote Kenyan village

Actress Julia Roberts’ latest role is far removed from her usual roles, joining British survival expert Bear Grylls for a charity challenge in Kenya.


In the Running Wild special for the US Red Nose Day, the Pretty Woman star snacked on goat’s head and brains which she was given to her as a gift by a tribe in the Kenyan wilderness during filming of the special.

While Bear cooked the delicacy on an open fire, Julia sampled some and compared the taste to “cream and cheese left out in the sun”.

“I’d rather eat this piece of poop!” she declared as she picked up a bit of animal excrement nearby, but although reluctant, bravely tried the goat’s head before pronouncing it ‘horrible’.


The second day of her trek saw her changing a tyre on a Jeep, crossing a perilous rope bridge above a river full of crocodiles and sleeping in a hammock.

There was a serious purpose to the challenge as the pair ultimately made their way to a village in Northern Kenya to deliver much-needed vaccines to children in a remote village.


The scenes aired during NBC’s Red Nose Day coverage on May 25, with viewers also treated to a US edit of the Love Actually sequel Red Nose Day Actually – which debuted on the UK’s Red Nose Day telethon in March.