Kenyans and Britons join to remember the victims of terrorism at Defend My Future event

Nic Hailey Defend My Future
Nic Hailey at the Defend My Future event in Nairobi. Photos: Twitter/HCNicHailey

Yesterday, Britons and Kenyans joined together to condemn terrorism and remember the victims of attacks in both countries. The event also paid tribute to the victims from Manchester and Garissa as well as remembering those who have died at the hands of terrorists worldwide.

Among the speakers at the Kenya National Theatre event was the UK’s High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey who said: “I’m truly humbled by the spirit in this room, by the love and the joy and by the standing together. Because we stand together this evening with the people of Manchester, the people of Nairobi and the people of Garissa.”

Tweeting after the event, Mr Hailey said: “Moving evening standing together against terror through poetry, music & marching with young Kenyans.”

Defend My Future
The Defend My Future event at Kenya National Theatre. Photos: Twitter/HCNicHailey

A vigil was also held to remember all those who have died at the hands of terrorism.

The attack on the Manchester Arena at the end of a concert by Ariana Grande by British Libyan Salman Abedi claimed the lives of 22 people and injured 59.