Top 10 tax payers in Kenya are British firms, says Nic Hailey at APP launch in Nairobi

Nic Hailey Partner Pool Launch
Nic Hailey speaking at the Invest in Africa African Partner Pool launch. Photo: Twitter/investin_africa (edited)

The UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey has been speaking at Invest in Africa’s African Partner Pool (APP) launch in Nairobi.

Speaking on Twitter, Mr Hailey said the “new platform will bring small Kenyan businesses together with large buyers and help them grow.”

The High Commissioner also told attendees that the top ten tax payers in Kenya are British firms, which between them create a tenth of formal jobs in the country.

The African Partner Pool works to bring businesses together, connecting companies across sectors with the local business partners they need to get the job done.

The APP directory allows African businesses to promote the products and services they can deliver and the standards they can deliver to. This makes it easier for big companies to find the right suppliers.

Companies operating in Africa need local suppliers to work effectively. But local SMEs often struggle to make themselves visible to these companies. The APP is a community where buyers and suppliers across Africa can engage one another, discover new opportunities and grow their business.