Russia’s Foreign Ministry issues etiquette guide for tourists visiting Kenya and the UK

Russian Passport
Russian Passport. Photo: (used under the Creative Commons Licence)

The Russian Foreign Ministry has produced a lengthy conduct guide, designed to eliminate any confusion and to prevent ‘undesirable incidents’, for citizens visiting other countries.

It offers general advice such as ‘showing friendliness’ and ‘not abusing alcohol’ alongside 64 country-specific recommendations, including those for Kenya and the United Kingdom.

Russian tourists to Kenya are warned they’ll get a ‘severe reaction’ if they compare any Kenyan with a monkey.

Also, tapping a finger on the head during a conversation to indicate below-par mental faculties is deem an insult.

Additionally ‘poking a finger’ at a Kenyan may trigger ‘aggression’.

Advice given to tourists visiting the United Kingdom includes the importance to understand non-verbal communication in the UK and being told to avoid the flicking the V sign and raising their middle finger.

There is also a note that raising the eyebrows is seen as a gesture of scepticism.

The guide also advises against not touching the head of a Thai man, being polite in Mexico and avoiding making comparisons between the Dutch and Germans while in Holland.