Red Nose Convoy delivers Comic Relief to communities across Kenya and Uganda

Red Nose Convoy 2017
Reggie Yates, Michaela Coel, David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis, Katie Brand and Russell Kane ready for The Red Nose Convoy 2017. Photo: Twitter/ComicRelief

As part of this year’s Red Nose Day, a group of intrepid celebrities set off on an aid relief journey from across Kenya and into Uganda.

The team were split into pairs, travelling in three cars.

In Car 1 were presenter and DJ Reggie Yates who was driving alongside BAFTA award-winning Chewing Gum creator and star Michaela Coel.

Actor and Mock the Week panellist Hugh Dennis hit the road with his former Mary Whitehouse Experience colleague, comedian and novelist David Baddiel in Car 2.

Russell Kane left the stand-up stage behind to join actor, comedian and Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show creator Katy Brand in Car 3.

Project Stop 1 – AMREF Clinic

The first stop for the convoy was the AMREF Clinic in the Nairobi slum of Kibera.

AMREF Health Africa is working hard in two of Kenya’s biggest slums. With funding from Comic Relief, AMREF provides training for hundreds of community health workers to help pregnant women, babies and those living with HIV to be healthy and safe.

The celebrity team delivered essential kit to help AMREF’s trained health workers carry out their vital roles.

Project Stop 2 – mothers2mothers

Every day in sub-Saharan Africa, around 300 children contract HIV mainly from their mothers. Effective preventative drugs are available but stigma, a lack of information about the virus and a lack of access to healthcare means many don’t get this vital medication.

mothers2mothers trains, employs and empowers local mothers who are living with HIV to become ‘Mentor Mothers’ and help pregnant women who are also diagnosed with the virus.

They provide essential information and support to help prevent transmission and keep mothers healthy.

While at mothers2mothers, the celebrity team will met inspiring Mentor Mother and joined her as she made her rounds, providing life-changing support to other mothers and mothers-to-be.

Project Stop 3 – Kadama Widows Association

After crossing into Uganda, the team stopped at the Kadama Widows Association which carries out training in HIV awareness and prevention as well as helping local health centres reach more people within the community.

Additionally, they’ve helped people living with HIV to start small businesses, so that they can earn a living and buy nutritious food to help them stay well.

Here, the celebrity team will deliver 100 bikes and spare part kits to help trained community health workers provide essential care and support for people living with HIV in remote areas.

Project Stop 4 – Malaria Consortium

Comic Relief previously awarded a grant to the Malaria Consortium in 2013. The group distribute insecticide treated nets to pregnant women and children in the area of Tororo, in Uganda.

In addition, local communities are taught how to best prevent, detect and treat malaria. By the end of the project, 94% of children in the area were sleeping under a mosquito net.

To support the important work undertaken by the Malaria Consortium, the celebrity team took 8,000 mosquito nets to help them protect more people from contracting this deadly disease.

Red Nose Convoy 2017
The celebrity team with their empty supply truck at the end of the Red Nose Convoy. Photo: Twitter/ComicRelief

Red Nose Day takes place this Friday when people up and down the U.K. will be fundraising for Comic Relief, and in the clip below, Russell explains what as little as £5 can do to help support the amazing work by mothers2mothers.

Just £20 could buy eight mosquito nets to protect children or pregnant women from contracting deadly malaria while they sleep, while £30 could pay for three days specialist training for a community health volunteer so they can better support mothers and children in a Kenyan slum.

Viewers in the UK can watch a special programme which follows the Red Nose African Convoy this Thursday night (23 March) on BBC ONE at 9pm.

If you would like to donate to the fundraising campaign, you can do so via the Comic Relief website.