UK among partner countries of Kenya at pre-election meeting

Kenya election meeting
Partner countries of Kenya meet to discuss the forthcoming elections in the country. Photo: Twitter/SwedeninKE

UK High Commissioner Nic Hailey joined fellow representatives of Kenya’s partner countries and Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court, David Maraga, for a meeting at the Swedish Ambassador’s residence in Nairobi.

The focus of the meeting was on preparations for the forthcoming 2017 elections in the country.

Along with Mr Hailey and Swedish Ambassador Johan Borgstam, the meeting attendees included Danish Ambassador Mette Knudsen, U.S. Ambassador Bob Godec and Norweigan Ambassador Victor Ronneberg.

In December last year, the mission heads of Kenya’s partner countries issued a joint statement in which they committed to help Kenya hold free, fair, credible, and peaceful elections in 2017. They also promised to provide non-partisan technical assistance to government institutions and civil society without giving electoral assistance to any organization, governmental or non-governmental which could influence the election results for any side, political party, or candidate.

This assistance is designed to support the Kenyan people to independently exercise their right to vote and have their voice heard.

“The Kenyan people alone have the sovereign right to choose their leaders, and we fully respect this right,” the joint statement read.