Boris Johnson visits Lewa for conservation fact finding trip

Boris Johnson in Lewa
A suited Boris Johnson looks out over Lewa. Photo: Twitter/foreignoffice

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been speaking about about conservation and  the fight against poaching during a visit to Lewa.

Speaking in a video posted to Twitter, Mr Johnson said:

“Hi folks, I’m Boris Johnson. I’m Foreign Secretary and I’m here is Lewa which is an amazing game conservancy north of Nairobi, a long way from Nairobi, where they’re doing a fantastic job in trying to reconcile the interests of local people with protecting endangered wildlife.

“Since the London conference in 2014, a load of countries have joined together to ban the sales of ivory and we are seeing some progress with measures like this and with governments coming together to stop the poaching. And we’re hoping very much that we can build on that work as we go forward to the next London conference on endangered wildlife in 2018.”

During his visit to the conservancy, Mr Johnson also spoke about how the UK is supporting organisations like the Northern Rangelands Trust and engaging with the local communities so they understand the benefits of protecting what he described as the big charismatic megafauna’:

“I think everybody is moved by the fate of the elephant. This is one of the great glories of our planet.

“What the UK is doing is supporting an organisation like the Northern Rangelands Trust which is trying to get farmers and people involved in game conservancy to work together so that local people understand the benefit of looking after the big charismatic megafauna as well as their herds. And it seems to be working incredibly well.”

Source: Boris Johnson visits Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy by ReutersNews on Rumble

The Foreign Secretary is visiting a number of countries in East Africa including Ethiopia and Somalia as well as Kenya.

While in Kenya, he held meetings with President Kenyatta and CS Mohamed as well as watching a joint armed forces training session, exploring how the British Council has connected schools in both countries and attended an evening reception highlighting technological innovations in the country.


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