Boo charity provides new learning materials for for Busire EDC

Busire Boo children
Some of the Busire children with their new learning equipment. Photo: Boo Charity

UK based Boo Charity has supplied new learning materials to one of their Early Childhood Development Centres (ECD) in Busire.

Donations have allowed the charity to provide exercise books, textbooks, pencils, crayons and other stationary items for use in the classroom.

“The new school items are an incredible support for the kids with the aim to improve their learning experience and access to resources for the completion of lessons and overall learning. It is such great news to see funds go directly into the school and to each student.” – Simon Harrison writing on the Boo website

The Boo Charity’s Early Childhood Development Centres allow children to receive an education and provides them with; uniforms, textbooks, learning materials and in some cases, shoes.

Busire Boo Children
Some of the children in Busire with their new learning equipment. Photo: Boo Charity

In some rural areas children don’t go to school until they are six or seven years of age which means children below school age are often left to amuse themselves as parents didn’t have the time to spend playing with them or teaching them the basic skills which many children learn before school.