Trade and tourism boost for Kenya as direct flights to US get green light

Kenya Airways Crew
Kenya Airways Crew

Following a rigorous assessment audit by the Federal Aviation Administration and other US agencies, Kenyan airlines have been granted security clearance by U.S. authorities for direct flights to the United States.

Having been granted Category 1 security and safety status by the US, it is hoped that there will be a boost in trade between the two countries and also an increase in the number of American tourists visiting the East African country.

Previously, all Kenyan flights had to travel through a third country before being able to access American airspace.

Now, national airline Kenya Airways and the US’s Delta Airlines, along with other interested operators, will be able to fly directly between the two countries.

The Kenyan government has invested heavily in airport infrastructure at points of entry into the country, especially Jomo Kenyatta International Airport which now has a new Terminal 1A. Additionally, the government is investing in improvements to other terminals, including measures to separate incoming and outgoing passengers.