Jack Marrian back in court as defence hopes letter will prove his innocence

Jack Marrian
Jack Marrian. Photo: Facebook

Scottish aristocrat, Jack Marrian, who was arrested in Kenya in connection with the alleged smuggling of cocaine worth £4.5 million will return to court this week.

The defence team representing the 31-year-old nephew of the 7th Earl of Cawdor, are expected to submit a letter to the court from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) stating that their client could have had no knowledge of the drugs hidden inside a shipment that he owned.

He was arrested in July last year after a tip-off from the DEA led police to discover 99.7kg of cocaine in a sugar shipment his company had ordered from Brazil.

Marrian has denied any involvement with drug smuggling and his family have insisted he is innocent.

If found guilty, Marrian faces life imprisonment for Class A drug smuggling, along with Roy Mwanthi, a Kenyan clearing agent.

According to Spanish and American drug authorities, the £4.8 million worth of cocaine, had been loaded in Brazil without the traders’ knowledge using a technique called “rip on / rip off” in which smugglers hide drugs inside cargo then collect it at the other end. The authorities believe that the traffickers failed to remove the drugs when the ship docked in Spain and they were sent on to Kenya where they were discovered.