Brexit offers opportunity for better trade deals between UK and Kenya

Nic Hailey Unilever
UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey, samples some tea at the Unilever offices in Mombasa. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

During his visit to the Unilever Kenya offices in Mombasa yesterday, Nic Hailey said Kenya should expect better deals with the United Kingdom once the process of leaving the European Union is complete.

Following the UK’s departure from the European trading bloc, which imposes restrictions as a condition of membership, Mr Hailey said Britain would be able to negotiate better and lucrative agricultural produce deals with Kenya.

“Once the process of exiting is complete, the UK will negotiate new trade deals with Kenya, especially for agricultural products including tea and flowers, which we expect will be better for the country.”

Nic Hailey, UK High Commissioner to Kenya

Earlier in the day, Mr Hailey visited the Mombasa tea auction.

Through TradeMark East Africa, the UK government is investing Ksh155 million for the automation of the largest black tea auction, managed by the East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) which began in November last year.