Tullow Oil announce new oil discovery in Kenya

Tullow Oil

UK based Tullow Oil has announced a new oil discovery in Kenya, at the northern limit of the South Lockichar basin.

The discovery shows that oil has migrated this far north which in turn de-risks multiple further exploration prospects in the area.

“This is an exciting discovery from a bold exploration well that proves that oil has migrated to the northern limit of the South Lokichar basin.

“This extends the known hydrocarbon limits of the basin beyond the successful Etom discovery into the underexplored northern part of the basin where we have several undrilled prospects.”

– Angus McCoss, Tullow Oil exploration director

The company will now drill a pair of appraisal wells before planning for drilling operations to return to the northern portion of the basin for further exploration.

In September, the company confirmed they are planning to begin oil production in March, following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to expedite exportation of Kenya’s first commercially viable oil.


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