Charges against Jack Marrian may be dropped this week

Jack Marrian
Jack Marrian. Photo: Facebook

British aristocrat Jack Marrian who is accused of trafficking £4.7m worth of cocaine into Kenya has said he is “filled with joy” after news reporting that the charges against him may be dropped as early as Wednesday.

Marrian, the sugar trading grandson of the sixth Earl Cawdor, was arrested in July following the seizure by Kenyan police of a shipment of Brazilian sugar containing cocaine at Mombasa port.

According to a letter allegedly seen by the Mail on Sunday, Kenya’s anti-drugs police have asked the country’s directorate of public prosecutions to drop the case while they await a “further intelligence report from Brazil and Valencia”.

“This is the first positive news I’ve heard during my whole ordeal. It fills me with joy to think of sharing this with my family in the lead-up to Christmas.

“If this injustice had continued, I stood to lose my freedom for the rest of my life and my family would have been destroyed.”

– Jack Marrian speaking to the Mail on Sunday

The 31-year-old Scottish aristocrat, who attended a prestigious Kenyan school alongside British Tour de France winning cyclist Chris Froome, was facing a jail term of up to 30 years if convicted of the smuggling charge.

During his trial last month alongside clearing agent Roy Mwanthi, the court heard that the shipment of sugar and cocaine were packed at Port of Santos in Brazil before being shipped to Kenya via Valencia in Spain.

Spanish police and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) tipped off Kenyan authorities. Subsequently, it has been claimed that the drugs were destined for the European market but were not offloaded in Spain, as part of a well known scam known as “rip on / rip off“.

Marrian’s mother, Lady Emma Campbell of Cawdor, who runs an upmarket interior design firm on the outskirts of Nairobi, told the Guardian in August that the family was “baffled” by his arrest and that his innocence was “palpable and obvious”.