British journalists believes “somebody powerful” doesn’t want him in Kenya

British journalist Jerome Starkey, who was detained in Kenya and deported at the end of last week has said that he believes “somebody powerful in the Kenyan government” doesn’t want him in the country any more.

In a series of Tweets following his arrival and detention in the country, The Times’ Africa correspondent kept followers up to date with the status of his detention.

Through his Twitter account, he told followers he had been arrested and detained without reason, charge or access to a lawyer.

Deputy Police Chief, Rono Burnei, had said that Starkey was being held over immigration issues but declined to provide further details at the time.

“Whilst I’ve been told nothing officially, there’s very little doubt in my mind that I was denied entry and deported because I’ve upset somebody powerful in the Kenyan government.”

“What should be concerning to media organisations in Kenya, across Africa and around the world is when people start giving orders like these from the shadows then there’s no accountability, and without accountability one of the fundamental principles of fair government falls apart.”

– Jerome Starkey speaking to the Press Association

Mr Starkey’s visa status was he filed two 2-year permits in October, which are still pending.

Amnesty International condemned Kenya’s actions, saying: “Journalism is not a crime.”

Arriving in London, Mr Starkey, who has lived in Kenya since 2012, tweeted:

Since his return to the UK, he has continued to speak about his experience via the social media site.