Father Christmas visits High Commission team in Tanzania

Father Christmas with Sarah Cooke
Father Christmas listens to UK High Commissioner to Tanzania Sarah Cooke's Christmas list. Photo: Twitter/hcsarahcooke

Father Christmas has paid an early visit to the British High Commission (BHC) team in Tanzania.

Santa was visiting the High Commission as part of the Christmas party for BHC families ast night.

Even though Christmas is celebrated throughout the African continent by the 350 million Christians communities, the holiday period is not nearly as commercial as it is in Europe or the Americas.

The emphasis is more on the religious aspect of celebrating the birth of Jesus and singing in church, than it is on gift giving.

For some communities, the most common gift bought at Christmas is a new set of clothes to be worn to the church service.

After attending church, celebrating Christmas dinner with friends and family is the most popular way of continuing the festivities, but unlike the staple festive meal in Britain, in East Africa you may find a roasted goat replacing turkey on the menu.