Watch Nic Hailey’s Remembrance Sunday 2016 message

UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey has released a Remembrance Sunday message via the UK in Kenya Facebook page.

“On remembrance Sunday, we gather around the world to remember anyone who fell in the fight for freedom and democracy.

“I’m here in Nairobi, in the largest cemetery in East Africa where Kamaus and Otienos lie next to Singhs and Patels, Smiths and Jones’s.

“It is a reminder, as I’ve often said that Kenya’s and UK’s history is a complicated one so too is our future. But just as our past was intertwined, so too is our future.

“Today, we are working together to bring security in Somalia, in South Sudan, in the Great Lakes. Our troops are training together in preparation for that work under the Defence Cooperation Agreement recently ratified by our parliaments.

“We share the values of freedom and democracy as two equal confident nations. Those values that the men in this cemetery died for, and we celebrate that heritage even as we remember them all today along with those who continue to serve around the world.” Nic Hailey, UK High Commissioner to Kenya

Later, Mr Hailey joined other Heads of Missions and Kenyan war veterans at the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Nairobi for the Remembrance Sunday service.


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