Victoria Beckham discusses Kenya trip in Australian Vogue

Victoria Beckham Vogue
Victoria Beckhan in Kenya (via Instagram/VictoriaBeckham) and the cover of Australian Vogue.

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham as spoken written about her work as a UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador and her recent visit to Kenya in  a first person piece for the November issue of Australian Vogue.

Ahead of her most recent trip to Kenya, accompanied by her son Brooklyn, the 42-year-old mother of four wrote:

“Men are different: they communicate in a different way. So with our journey to Kenya I am hoping that Brooklyn can go out and play football with the men, and that the men and boys can relate to him in a way that they can’t relate to me.

“I think it is very important as a mother to teach your children to give back and to be charitable. I doubt there is a mother out there who doesn’t want her child to know how lucky they are and aims to teach her child to be loving, caring, hardworking and humble.” – Victoria Beckham

She describes the women she met in Kenya as “inspiring”, adding: “They are the ones who are driving progress and pushing for change, primarily because they talk to each other. It was a privilege to sit and discuss, as mothers, their hopes and fears for the future of their children.”

“I feel women are stronger when they support each other and I believe strongly in gender equality.

“I’m the mother of a young girl growing up in a world where women across the globe are in some of the highest positions of power and I think that is an incredibly strong, empowering message for my daughter and for future generations.

“I’m in awe of women everywhere, those who juggle their day-to-day life of family and career, and those who are quietly making a difference for future generations in whatever country they live in or sector they work in.”

– Victoria Beckham