Mshale Commodities have licence cancelled over Jack Marrian drug smuggling case

Jack Marrian Port of Mombasa
Main Image of Port of Mombasa by Marisol Grandon/DFID (used under the Creative Commons licence). Right: Jack Marrian

Mshale Commodities, the company associated with British sugar trader Jack Marrian, who has been charged with trafficking cocaine worth Ksh598 million, have challenged the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) decision to suspend its sugar-importation license indefinitely without prior notice.

Through their lawyer Kioko Kilukumi, the company has claimed that the suspension was filed on August 12 which is contrary to the law and in violation of the Fair Administrative Action Act.

Mr Kilukumi claimed that as a result of the suspension, the company will be unable to carry out its business, resulting in irreparable losses which could force them into bankruptcy.

He disclosed that between December 2014 and September 2016, the company imported sugar worth Ksh1 billion and that the company wants the court to reverse the decision to suspend its registration.

Jack Marrian has been charged alongside Mr Roy Mwanthi with trafficking Class A drug cocaine, valued at Sh598million.

Both were both released on Ksh70 million and Ksh60 million bond respectively.