Richard Alden had fake firearms licence say Kenya investigators

Richard Alden
British businessman, Richard Alden

The British businessman charged with the murder of his alleged Kenyan “mistress” was in possession of a fake firearms licence, investigators have revealed.

Following his arrest, 53-year-old Richard David Alden, is alleged to have murdered Ms Grace Wangechi Kinyanjuif at his Windy Ridge residence in the affluent Karen suburb of Nairobi, on Saturday, June 4.

Glock 17
Stock image of an early “third generation” Glock 17.
Photo: Ken Lunde

Police confiscated a Glock pistol serial number WSF494 which was loaded with 14 rounds of ammunition. According to records, he bought the firearm in July 2014 from a gun shop near Utalii House in Nairobi.

On Tuesday (7 June), investigators took Mr Alden’s licence for verification at the Central Firearms Bureau (CFB) where they established that the certificate was fake.

In Kenyan law, under Section 4 of the Firearms, it is an offence to purchase a firearm without a valid firearm certificate and a person found liable faces a jail term of not less than five, but not exceeding ten years.

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The shots believed to have resulted in Ms Kinyanjuif’s death were believed to have been fired inside Mr Alden’s dressing room where police also discovered a blood-stained towel and some blood on the floor. They also recovered 20 other rounds of 9mm ammunition in a safe.

While police arrested house help, Ms Margaret Muhonje and the day guard, the pair were later released after giving statements in which both said that they did not witness the shooting but heard the gunshot.

Investigations have already been launched to establish how Mr Alden acquired his firearm licence and police are likely to prefer more charges.


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