Kenya based Heads of Mission release joint statement on recent violent demonstrations

Heads of Mission
(L-R) Roxane de Bilderling, Robert Godec, Nic Hailey and Jutta Frasch

The UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey, along with John Feakes (Australian High Commissioner), Roxane de Bilderling (Belgium Ambassador), David Angell (Canadian High Commissioner), Mette Knudsen (Danish Ambassador), Stefano-Antonio Dejak (European Union Ambassador), Remi Marechaux (French Ambassador), Jutta Frasch (German Ambassador), Victor Rønneberg (Norwegian Ambassador), Frans Majken (Dutch Ambassador), Johan Borgstam (Swedish Ambassador) and Robert F Godec (US Ambassador) have issued a joint statement on the recent violent demonstrations which have taken place in Kenya.

The statement reads:

Heads of Mission statementWe are deeply concerned by the escalation of violence during the demonstrations in Kenyan cities on 23 May around the future of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The deaths and injuries of Kenyan citizens were tragic and unnecessary. We urge the Government of Kenya to investigate the actions of the security services and to hold accountable anyone responsible for the use of excessive force. We call on all demonstrators to act peacefully.

Violence will not resolve the issues regarding the future of the IEBC or ensure the 2017 elections are free and credible. We strongly urge all Kenyans to come together to de-escalte the situation and to resolve their differences, taking every opportunity for inclusive dialogue. Kenyans should talk, and any compromise must be implemented in accord with Kenya’s Constitution and the rule of law. As partners, we stand ready to support such a dialogue in any way that is useful.

This statement follows yesterdays Tweet in which Mr Hailey said that he was “deeply concerned” about the demonstration violence.