Watch Kenyan man clinging to helicopter carrying Jacob Juma’s body

Last Friday (May 13), mourners in Bungoma who were paying their respects to murdered businessman Jacob Juma were disrupted by a Kenyan man clinging to the helicopter carrying the dead man’s body.

Mr Juma’s body was discovered on May 6 after he was murdered by unidentified gunmen while driving home from a bar in a wealthy suburb of the capital Nairobi.

The mourners were gathered in Bungoma, western Kenya, as they waited for Juma’s body to be transported to his burial site.

But as the helicopter carrying Juma’s body attempted to take off, local man Saleh Wanjala, clung to the helicopter skis and would not let go, despite the pilot lowering the helicopter for him to drop off, instead flying off into the distance.

Reportedly, Wanjala claimed he was simply trying to get a better look at Juma’s body, and Nairobi News reported that Wanjala eventually jumped off after the pilot lowered the helicopter at Bungoma’s airstrip.

After letting go of the helicopter, Wanjala suffered injuries to his hip, elbow and eyebrow, and was treated at Bungoma Referral Hospital. Bungoma’s governor Mohamed Maalim said that he was placed under police observation and according to Standard News Digital, would be charged for endangering his own life and the pilot’s life once he had recovered.